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2022 Equestrian World Team Photo

Equestrian Teams

Deerfield Farm has 2 equestrian teams for students looking to take their riding to a higher level: Regional Team and World Team.

If you want to learn more about our teams, contact our head trainer Katie. She is always on the lookout for possible future regional and world team members and will set up a meeting with the parents to discuss their interest level.

Deerfield Farm Regional Team

The Regional Team is the next step for riders who wish to be more involved with our program, whether through competitive showing or to take their riding to a higher level. The team is made up of 8 riders hand-picked by Deerfield instructors from our YRA students.

Riders on the Regional Team advance their riding and horse handling skills, along with developing skills like responsibility, strong work ethic and leadership. They also have the opportunity to participate in regional shows across Washington State.

Requirements of the Regional Team

  • Students are required to take 2 lessons a week
  • Regional Team group lesson on Saturday from 11-1
  • Attend Regional Team overnight intensive once a month

These students are excited about horses, riding and turning it into a mastery skill. Most of Deerfield Farm's World and National Champions came from this incredible program.

Deerfield Farm World Team

This exclusive Show team is made up of 8 advanced youth and adult amateurs, who were interviewed and handpicked for the position. These students show competitively at the local, regional, National and World level.

The World team members are all riders who have committed themselves to a masterful study of riding, not only for success in the show pen, but success in their lives as a whole.

These students form lasting relationships with their teammates and have learned to become powerful human beings through their deep study of horsemanship. Past students are out in the world making it a better place and if you ask them, they'll tell you it's because of their involvement in the program!

Unstoppable Kindness

We also work to develop leadership skills in our students and encouraging them to make the world a better place through community service. In 2012, our equestrian teams started a non-profit called Unstoppable Kindness.

Mission Statement

Unstoppable Kindness is committed to serving the homeless in the greater Seattle area and reducing suffering in the community, while creating strong leaders in the process. Unstoppable Kindness makes 100 sack lunches each month to help feed Seattle’s homeless and over the past 5 years has accomplished the following.

  • Annual Coat & Can Drives yielded over 6,000 warm items
  • 6 annual auctions totaling over $60,000
  • 300 Survival Backpacks with flashlights, rain ponchos, etc.
  • 300 hygiene packs assembled & distributed
  • 100 Welcome Home baskets for families at Mary’s Place
  • 22 Birthday in a Box for Hope’s Place families
  • Worked over 50 hours at Hope’s Place

The girls continue to create new programs to help people in need. Check out the Unstoppable Kindness website to learn more.

Deerfield has had an impact on my life that is impossible to put into words. The positive environment of being on the team is something that I will cherish forever; and through my work with my horse, Unstoppable Kindness, in the yoga studio, and with my teammates and trainer Katie Sikes, I have learned countless lessons on hard work, true commitment, compassion, empathy, and an otherwise undiscovered passion for serving others.

The Deerfield program taught me how to be an effective leader in the real world where most people are just followers; and I have and will continue to use these skills in my life beyond the barn.

- Drew H.