horseback riding

Youth Riding Lessons

For over 40 years Deerfield has offered lessons to children in Seattle and the Eastside, from Bellevue to Issaquah to Snoqualmie and North Bend.

Students don't need to own their own horse to learn the classical art of riding. Deerfield has gentle, trained lesson horses for all to enjoy safely.

Evaluation lesson available

If you're interested in riding lessons for your child, please contact us today to sign your child up for an evaluation lesson. You'll get to meet our staff and our magnificent horses.

Sign up for summer camps

Our summer camps are a great way to get a feel for our program, master some riding and horse care basics, and get onto our riding lesson waitlist! You can reserve your spot by emailing us.

All levels and all ages

Students of all riding levels and all ages are welcome as we adapt our lessons to meet your skill level. Through weekly instruction on horse care and riding, students build a strong relationship with their horse, instructor and others while developing skills like commitment, hard work, leadership and confidence.

Harmony and balance

Riding lessons through our Youth Riding Academy (YRA) give them the opportunity to experience harmony, balance, courage and accomplishment. Our dedication to creating not just horsepeople, but extraordinary human beings is what sets our program apart.

riding lessons

For all levels & ages

  • 4 lessons a month
  • 1 hour, 2 students

Semi-private lessons are the ultimate goal for our students. These lessons are for riders who can safely handle their horses.

These lessons offers more ride time and interaction as the level of intensity rises (age appropriate). Students can tack-up effectively with help if needed. Ride time is about 50 minutes.

Semi-Private Lessons
  • 4-5 lessons a month
  • 45 minutes

Depending on age, skill level and ability, riding time is usually 30 minutes.

New clients begin in our introductory program. We offer lessons for all levels and all ages.

Private Lessons
  • Please note:
  • 24-hour cancellation policy needed to be eligible for a make-up.
  • Payment due at the beginning of the month (no later than the 7th).
Keeping our students safe

Safety practices

  • We follow King County guidelines.
  • Students required to bring 2 masks but will not have to wear it unless they feel more comfortable or there's a need.
  • Outdoor learning space for camps, clinics & workshops.
  • Anyone displaying signs of illness will be sent home.
  • Frequent handwashing is encouraged.
  • All students required to have their own boots & helmet (we are not loaning ANY helmets at this time).
  • No refunds will be granted under any circumstances.
  • Approved helmets and riding boots are required whenever the rider is on the horse.

Message from Katie

“My students and horses are hands-down the biggest source of inspiration and pride for me. All students have the unbelievable potential for greatness in their life and the life of their horse.

We use the horse as a vehicle to look into one’s own life. Through horseback riding our riders learn how to face life challenges and celebrate their accomplishments! Learning to stay calm and centered when you are faced with difficulty is one of the greatest lessons, I believe the horse has to share.

My hope (for the students I interact with) is that out of riding horses, they are able to make a positive change in the world because of the self-discipline, integrity and compassion they learn from their horse.”

- Katie